Community Partnership

Sprig brings nature immersion programing to you! Sprig Director and Lead Educator, Kimberly Worthington, works collaboratively with you and/or your program to offer nature immersion courses that best fit your needs.

Through the Community Partnership program, Sprig provides the option for one-on-one consultation regarding how to create outdoor learning opportunities for your unique audience or contracting services to lead nature immersion play to your participants.

As an addition to any program, nature immersion play invites participants to experience the natural world through hands-on exploration and together discover new opportunities for learning. Such learning experiences are inherently full of lessons in environmental science, mathematics, social/emotional skills, physical risk assessment and management, geology, biology, wildlife identification, ecology, and more.

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β€œThe kids have learned and grown so much and have become such risk takers.  I see this in the classroom as they take on new learning.  It will be so interesting to track this group as they continue on as learners.” Lisa, Kindergarten Teacher