Sprig: Nature Immersion

sprig: nature immersion

Our vision is to uphold nature immersion as a regular practice for all children



About Sprig

Sprig offers programming for children to be truly themselves in nature. We believe that unstructured time outdoors inspires participants to grow closer to themselves, their community, and the earth. Alongside peers and an adult mentor, children pursue their own individual growth and walk away with perseverance, resilience, connection, and life-long social/emotional skills.


Sprig currently offers the following nature immersion programs: Forest Playgroup, Community Partnership, Summer camp, Sprig-let, and Saturday Sprig Camp. Inspired by the US Forest Kindergarten Model, all of our programs uphold the following criteria:

  • All weather, nature immersion time every day

  • Child-led Flow Learning

  • Inquiry-based Teaching

  • Child-inspired, Child-directed Emergent Curriculum

  • Place-based education (in a permanent location)

  • Small class sizes, low 1:5 teacher to child ratio